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The KLF's Greatest Protégés Didn't Really Know What Was Going On

Members of Edelweiss and "entourage" at New York's Unique Studios, 1986 — Top row, from left: Walter Werzowa (Edelweiss), Dennis (recording engineer), singer Mercedes Hall; Bottom row, from left: rappers Cooly C and Raf, Martin Biedermeier; Seated: Matthias Schwerer (Edelweiss)Courtesy of Walter Werzowahide caption

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Courtesy of Walter Werzowa
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Even In H.E.R. Love Songs, She Just Prefers To Be Alone

H.E.R.'s Volume 2 is out now.Courtesy of the artisthide caption

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Courtesy of the artist
Michael McDonald Is Back With The Smooth 'Find It In Your Heart'

Michael McDonald's Wide Open comes out Sept. 15.Timothy White/Courtesy of the artisthide caption

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Timothy White/Courtesy of the artist
Becca Mancari's 'Arizona Fire' Follows A Wild-Card Love

Becca Mancari's Good Woman comes out Oct. 6.Zachary Gray/Courtesy of the artisthide caption

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Zachary Gray/Courtesy of the artist
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