The SCIF A SCIF is a secure room where classified information is processed and shared. On this original podcast, expert Juliette Kayyem takes us inside for a briefing on what makes us safer.


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A SCIF is a secure room where classified information is processed and shared. On this original podcast, expert Juliette Kayyem takes us inside for a briefing on what makes us safer.More from The SCIF »

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129: Something Has To Give

As Juliette says goodbye to The SCIF, she describes the four competing doctrines that are driving global security, and encourages listeners to step up and fight for our democratic norms.

128: We Shouldn't Even Be Talking About This

It seems hard to believe that for nearly a week now, the focus of our national attention has been drawn to a spat between the president of the United States and a gold star family grieving their loss. But this is where we are. In this episode of The SCIF, Juliette speaks with Pod Save America Co-host and former spokesman for the National Security Council Tommy Vietor about his experience in the Obama White House, how it contrasts with the Trump administration's approach to national security, and how he hopes his work at Crooked Media will provide an outlet for others who have been outraged by the presidents actions in his first 9 months in office.

127: The American Dreamers

With DACA under siege, the woman who led its creation as Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, now finds herself leading the charge against her old agency to protect it. In this episode of The SCIF, Juliette speaks with Napolitano, now the president of the University of California, about how the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was conceived and implemented, and why she chose to sue the federal government on behalf of the UC system after the Trump Administration's recent decision to end the program.

126: Guns and Motivation

Following the horrific shooting on the Las Vegas strip, we are still left to wonder about the killer's motivations. But while the incident in Las Vegas was unprecedented in scale, mass shootings have become a regular phenomenon in the United States, perpetrated by killers with a wide variety of motivations. In this episode, Juliette focuses on the common denominator by arguing that while motivation can be important, we need to pay more attention to the easy access to weapons that allowed him, and others like him, to create mass carnage.

125: Clap Back

After more than 50 years in service of eight White House administrations, James Clapper was one of the least likely figures to publicly question a sitting president's fitness to serve. But that's exactly what the former director of national intelligence did in a widely-shared appearance on CNN after President Trump's recent rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Clapper's comments even drew the ire of President Trump on Twitter, who questioned why Clapper previously sent him a "beautiful letter". In this episode of The SCIF, Juliette sits down with Clapper to discuss the subsequent attack levied on him by President Trump, what his interactions with the president were like, and why he worries about Trump's behavior.

124: Where are the Adults?

As tensions continue to rise between the United States and North Korea, Juliette can't help but ask, "where are the adults in the room?"

123: Unprepared for the Rising Sea

America is not prepared for the consequences of climate change says US Coast Guard Commandant Paul Zukunft. In this episode, Juliette speaks with the commandant about the Coast Guard's role in keeping America safe today, and our lack of preparation for the enormous emerging threats posed by a melting Arctic, rising sea levels, and more powerful storm systems.

China v. America: Avoiding the War that Nobody Wants

Is war with China inevitable? Juliette speaks with Harvard Kennedy School Professor Graham Allison, author of "Destined For War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap?" to learn more about how these "great powers" conflicts get started, and most importantly, how they can be avoided entirely.

121: Trump the Enabler

Following the G20 summit which hosted the first face to face meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Juliette makes the case that President Trump's words and actions have provided an enabling mechanism for Russians to repeat their sabotage in 2018 and 2020.

120: Tracking the Lone Wolf: The Path to Online Radicalization

Following a string of attacks carried out by so-called "lone wolf" terrorists, Juliette digs into the issue of online self-radicalization and what can be done to prevent it. Her left-of-boom discussion with Tara Maller of the Counter Extremism Project exposes how groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda recruit would-be terrorists, and why social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Google's Youtube have failed to keep their platforms free of terrorist propaganda.

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